Good 4 U Drinks Entering The MMA Scene

Rich DeBanks  is the Managing Director of Good 4 U Drinks. This company is based in Latimer Lake, BC, Canada. This company has recently teamed up with Shane Carwin to sponsor the company. It is an upcoming company and I talked to Rich regarding the company's direction and other interesting topics.

1. What is your company all about and how did it get started?
We have been working on The GOOD4U Drinks for about 18 months now, we began developing them as a direct result of the some of the conversation's I've had with both elite professional and amateur athletes. The overwhelming message from them was:

- Create a sports drink with real high end ingredients in significant amounts, rather than token amounts.  
- Use natural herbal ingredients, vitamins and amino acids so that the drinks are actually "Good For You".
- Make them taste good.
- Keep the calories low.
- Keep the price reasonable.

There really hasn't been a product that delivers on all of those points they all seem to lack one or more of those points

2. In relation to MMA what made you looking into getting your product in the sport?
MMA is changing popular culture, or; pop culture is changing and MMA is the sport that best represents that change. Either way new developments or new sports are best partnered with new products that are different from what has come before. Beyond that I'm a big fan of MMA and a lot of our early input was from MMA athletes so it was a natural fit.

3. What makes your product better than other similar drinks?

There really aren't many drinks that are comparable, for example our GOOD4U System Reload has 500mg of Glutamine in it and more than 400mg of Electrolytes, I haven't come across any drinks with that level of blend and the few that I have seen that are close taste awful or cost $5 a bottle.

4. Your company also produces Beaver Buzz energy. What is the history behind that product?
We had originally distributed supplements online, but learned the hard way that unless you own a brand you are always going to be vulnerable. We created Beaver Buzz a great tasting premium energy drink in 2005 and it took off, we've built a great following for Beaver Buzz in 5 years and it's now a multimillion dollar brand. Without the success of Beaver Buzz we could never have created GOOD4U Drinks it laid the groundwork and we learned a lot. We haven't even officially launched GD4U yet and I'm getting dozens of requests everyday this thing is going to be huge.

I am told by Rich that they are signing another MMA fighter soon and making some big steps towards really getting their product into the mainstream media. I have tried this drink and in my opinion it is a change from other drinks and for the good part. If you would like more information about the Good 4 U products as well as Beaver Buzz check out the links below.If you have twitter make sure follow them as they are giving away 2 tickets to UFC 113  in Vancouver. Get them to 1000 followers and those tickets could be yours!

Ted Gruber on 04.27.10 at 9:16 PM

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