UFC 113: Alleged "Mob Ties" Ground GSP's Friend David "The Crow" Loiseau

UFC 113 promises to be a great event with some of the most spectacular cagefighting names found anywhere adorning the upcoming fight card.
Sadly, one of Canada's most well-known UFC names will not be appearing.
Long-time Georges St-Pierre training partner David "The Crow" Loiseau—a Montreal native and former UFC 185-pound contender—has been denied a license to fight by the Quebec Athletic Commission due to his alleged "mob ties."
Joe Ferraro of Sportsnet Canada, who first announced the story to the Internet world via his sports column, gave us some possible explanations for the QAC's denial  of Loiseau.
"Sources tell me that Loiseau is on some sort of invisible suspension list, stemming back to when he sold his previous MMA promotion, 'XMMA,'" said Ferraro.
"The Crow had apparently decided that his fighting career should become his top priority, and so he chose to walk away after the sale. Yet when it was all said and done, those who took over the organization were allegedly involved with organized crime," Ferraro added.
Ferraro also stated: "Loiseau has maintained that once he left the company, he was unaware of what the organization began doing and that he was no longer a decision maker for XMMA. In essence, what they did was their business—he was focusing on returning to the UFC."
According to Ferraro after the organization folded only one party was charged, but a lot of those involved in XMMA were affected.
"Fighters were questioned about their involvement, with many apparently being threatened that they would never be licensed again if they didn't 'answer questions,'" added Fararro.
Interestingly enough, since the this news broke, the UFC has quickly and discreetly washed their hands of "The Crow," and have subsequently hired Jason MacDonald, a fighter who is originally from my Canadian home province of Nova Scotia, to replace Loiseau.
According to Farraro, this isn't the end of the story; however it certainly seems evident that the re-flight of the Quebec Crow, on the scheduled UFC 113 date of May 8, will now be unforgivably grounded.
I agree with Mr. Farraro, that regarding the Quebec Athletic Commission, something should be assessed and then changed; it would certainly be for the betterment of Canadian MMA, and maybe the world in general.

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