UFC 115 Gets Co-Main Event with Fitch Vs Alves II; What About The Main?

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The rematch that seemed doomed not to happen, will give it another go. 

Dana White announced via his twitter account overnight that the consensus second and third best welterweights in the world will square off in theory at UFC 115 slated for June 12.

This is the third and hopefully final attempt to get these two 170 pound stalwarts in the cage.

UFC 107 was the first attempt which saw Thiago Alves pulling out due to knee injury.

UFC 111 was the second attempt which saw the American Top Team fighter forced off due to a brain irregularity picked up by a prefight CT scan.

Hopefully the expression “third times a charm” holds up as this fated fight still seems to have some measure of destiny on its side.

For the workmanlike Jon Fitch, it’s back to the grind as he will have the customary three months to prepare, coming off his one sided win over Ben Saunders (Alves’ replacement) at UFC 111.

Coming off the UFC 111 post fight press conference, where Dana White and Jon Fitch tensely joked over the whole teammate vs. teammate issue, one has to wonder if Fitch was perchance assured a title shot for stepping up on short notice (not exactly short notice but the point remains).

His teammate, Josh Koscheck (Dana would love to see those two fight), is set to take on British bomber Paul Daley at UFC 113, and it is believed by most that the winner of that fight will get the next opportunity to be taken down repeatedly by Georges St. Pierre (if you like prefer less takedowns, root for Koscheck).

If Jon Fitch is victorious over Alves at UFC 115, will he finally get another crack at GSP after a possible St. Pierre vs. Koscheck fight? Or would Dana try to force the hands both of Fitch and Koscheck by making them fight, or denying both a title shot?

And if it came to that, who would get the title shot if Dana kept both Fitch and Koscheck on the sidelines if they refused to fight? Perhaps the Paulo Thiago vs. Martin Kampmann winner, also on the main card of UFC 115.

Beyond the drama that will likely come to a head over the next two months, there remains the mystery surrounding The Ultimate Fighter 11: is Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz still the main event at UFC 115, does Rich Franklin replace Tito as coach half way through, will he fight Liddell in the main event at UFC 115…and if that weren’t enough you have the rumors starting to swirl that Randy Couture vs. Chuck Liddell IV will be the co-main event at UFC 116. We all know what the main is.

This summer is sure to sizzle as MMA is just starting to heat up in 2010.


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