XFC 9 footage

     Thank you for tuning in, we are releasing highlights of the XFC 9 Vernon BC footage we were able to collect this weekend. 

There were 10 great fights held and we are starting with a few of the amateurs, keep following us to see the rest in the next couple days. 

Thanks for your support and enjoy the interview footage attached.


  1. First off I was glad I attended XFC 9 in Vernon im a huge fan I drove from Abbotsford to be there. The fight card was good too bad the main event got canned last minute but the 15 year old kids going at it made up for that, man those kids could really kick some ass .One of my favorite fighters on the card was a guy named Gary Magnat who kicked some serious ass . Starting from the head kick combo between fifty seconds and fifty six, and then he kicked him in the head at 59 seconds now that’s what I like to see im also a big fan of Mirko Cro Cop and enjoy seeing fighters utilizing there kicks minute twenty five big take down by Gary his team Revolution must be doing something right.
    At three minutes and thirty seconds he just drops his ass that looked like it had to hurt at least a bit. Some serious ground and pound follows shortly after and continues for a hot minute. Now four minutes into it gets intense, he does some move ive never seen before and continues to smash the guy into the floor big up on that Gary that was the move of the night even though most of it ended in rear naked choke holds anyway. Now my favorite fighter of the night is Dan Lin aka The Samurai, not only did he have some crazy tattoos but for a guy his size he sure showed no mercy on his opponent Nick Kunning, I got to say all in all it was a solid event I hope they have more and I would love to see both Gary Magnat and Dan Lin aka The Samurai fight again.

    I have to thank Bcmmaa.com for posting these videos.

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