Canada: mecca of MMA !

Who would have ever thought that the biggest MMA fan base would be right here in Canada? When Dana White took over the UFC back in 01 he had three countries on his mind- The United States, Mexico and the U.K. Little did he know that Canada would outdue all of those countries. This past Thursday, Dana White spoke so fondly of the Canadian fans and said that "[he] would come to Canada every weekend and do a fight if we could." I mean why wouldn't he? UFC 115 in Vancouver sold out in 30 minutes... which made it the quickest sellout in MMA HISTORY! And I'm sorry but, look at the card... is there anything special about it ... no? What would have happened if Brock and Shane were headlining, or if we could have seen a Thiago Alves n Jon Fitch fight? Regardless of the fights, Canadian fans are eager to watch em... we're probably the most knowledgable fans out there. We watch fights, we read about them, we talk about them constantly, and we follow the sport like no tomorrow. Even Showdown Joe didn't know what it was about MMA that made us Canadians go crazy. That was until he interviewed UFC star Wanderlei Silva who had the perfect answer.

“[Silva] came to the station one time and he said to me, ‘Joe, I’ve figured out why MMA is so popular here,’” Ferraro said. “I said, ‘What did you figure out?’ And he says, ‘You Canadians, you play that sport with the stick on the ice. It’s quiet in the crowd until they start fighting. And when they start to fight, everyone in the crowd jumps up and goes nuts.’ I thought that was a good analogy. He smiled and said, ‘Fighting is in your blood. It’s just in your blood up here.’”
-Showdown Joe

And he was completely right, now I know what my response is when people ask why I'm so into fighting... "I was just born this way."

By Dolly Purewal 

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