The event started with Vik Johal vs. Leemar Halim in a kick boxing match, the two teenagers went three round of action. It was hard to say who had the upper hand, there were so many spinning kicks and high kicks. So much action that two judges couldn’t come to any other conclusion but to call it a draw.
The public didn’t really agree but the next bout quickly eclipsed that.

Mason Fehr (FAIRN in Burnahy) vs. Daniel Waterfall (team AIKKI FROM Chiliwack) was a MMA bout that ended in the first round due to a TKO by referee stoppage.

Muay Thai match with Ali Koshani vs. Joe Halfar.

It was a good three bouts, the judges and the announcer had a miscommunication regarding which color of corner won.  They were debating black or red when the corners were blue and red. This caused the fight to be called in favor of Koshani then Helfar, which obviously had both parties pretty peeved because they each thought that their fighter won.

Aaron Shin (Revolution) vs.Sparky Makrenko (Wuji systems)

First round TKO by Shin.

The kickboxing bout that followed was Babet vs. Rudd,

it went three rounds before the referee stopped it which gave Babet the win.

Next we had Oliver Vajda (Carlson Gracie) vs.Adam Saad (Team Aikki)
, it was a quick one again as it usually is with light weights, but this time the Marcus Soares student, Vajda, sunk a choke while standing, transitioned onto the ground, started signalling the ref to tell him that his opponent Saad had passed out, but saad’s hand had never gone limp. I was sitting next to one of the event medical experts on site and even though we couldn’t see Saad’s face, he was able to determine that Saad did indeed pass out because his feet went into some sort of convulsion and a few seconds later the ref had seen enough, the whole thing was only 54 seconds long.

The next MMA bout was more of the same, Bryce Gougeon (Carlson Gracie) vs. Rami Kadi (Wolf den),
was a 1 min and 2 sec long fight. This time the stoppage was due to strikes by Gougeon.

The kick boxing match between Nygel Yargeau vs. Mathew Vogleri

was a disappointment because the first round saw Yargeau display beautiful technique and smart tactics to an under-prepared opponent who forfeited between round 1 and 2.

Dave Ferguson (Revolution) vs. Jacob Tournour(Independent) was also TKO due to stoppage in the first round.
The big 250+ lbs kickboxing heavy weight match was 3 rounds of big guys going at it but who ran out of breath after the first. The unanimous decision went to Clay Berg over Curtis Baker.
We got to see Chase Ingalls fight in a Muay tai bout this time and he went three rounds against Karim Pahalloo and won by decision.

 Last but not least, the main event, Sense Adam Santos from Morganti Ju-Jitsu, vs. Neil Menard from Team Denarious.
The night was going so well but it wasn’t going to last. Right after promoter, Mike Hammoud, finished giving away T-shirts to the crowd, the two heavy weights collided and Santos threw a punch that connected with Menard’s jaw. He then jumped on his opponent to finish the fight as soon as he got the top position the ref jumped in and Menard sprung to life and was getting the best of Santos, the ref and his own good nature, which got his coach Marcus Hicks and Santos wound up.We have lots of videos from the event that we are editing and uploading to go as a visual support for this piece so check back soon.

Over all this was a good event, entertaining match ups, good lay out and it drew a strong crowd. Good job IFC for hosting a successful evening, looking forward to attending next time. Lastly I just like to say an overall job well don’t by the fighters, there was some excellent talent last night and we will be watching to see where there are going next.

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