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Galina is our 19 year old Russian beauty, she has modeled for the Russian House in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and she says that her greatest talent is always being positive.
Danielle is 25 and a fitness fanatic. Her favorite fighter is Rampage Jackson and her favorite submission is the Triangle Choke. 
Chantal is a 21 year old student. She is a huge fan of MMA and has been following it for years, Chantal enjoys meeting new people and thinks you will like meeting her too because she is so friendly and outgoing.

Jina is 23 and has worked as a Go-Go Dancer and hold the title as The Pillow Fight Champion 2 years in a row. She is just getting into MMA, GSP gives her a RUSH but she cant decided if she likes Dan 'The Outlaw" a little better.

This 24 year old French/Swedish beauty has won several swim suit competitions, she is also a dancer and a personal trainer. She loves the spot light and her favorite part of MMA is seeing GSP Full Mount his opponent.

Lana is our 20 year old Australian Dream, she calls herself the Energizer Bunny because she is always up for having fun and experiencing new things. This bubbly girl is just learning about MMA but you're going to love her so upbeat personality so much you can forgive her for not knowing.

A French Canadian, 19 year old Beauté, Summer. She has a voluptuous dancer's body and fun and out going attitude. She has been following MMA for 2 years and is always ready to support a charity.

Taylor is a 19 year old bikini model. She is a huge UFC and MMA fan, her favorite part of the sport is the atmosphere and cheering others on. She loves to have fun in any situation and her girl next door looks have helped her gain experience doing photo shoots and strutting down the catwalk.

Wendy was a last minute submission, she was so cute we just had to include her. Wendy is a student and loves animals. Her exotic Vietnamese looks and fun personality are just some of the things you will love about her too.

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