Extreme MMA B.C. Championships

The Canadian Amateur Combat Sports Council (CACSC) will be presenting the Extreme MMA B.C. Championships September 17, 2010 at the Red Robinson Show Theatre in the Boulevard Casino.

This will be CACSC's third Extreme MMA event in B.C. They have been some of the most exciting amateur MMA events in B.C. The Red Robinson Show Theatre was so impressed with the caliber of this event that they have also booked CACSC to hold the Western Canadian Championships in March 2011 and the CACSC Canadian Championships in September 2011.

The B.C. Championships is an open MMA tournament for all amateur competitors in B.C. These tournaments are a great opportunity for the novice to get into MMA or the amateur looking at developing more skill and experience in MMA.

We offer a very safe and competitive opportunity for the fighters.

This will be a very prestigious event - first class in every aspect. We hope you and any amateur MMA fighters you know will take part in this event and have a wonderful experience.

Very impressive Championship Belts will be awarded to the B. C. Champion of each of the 6 weight classes along with a custom made Extreme MMA Leather Jacket.

As with all CACSC amateur events the rounds are only 3 minutes with knee and elbow strikes to the head and face prohibited. The CACSC rules and format have been used now in over 300 bouts in Alberta, B.C., California and Utah. They make for the most exciting bouts both for the competitors and the fans. These rules and format were used for the first time in Utah last June. Utah holds over 80 MMA events a year and the Utah State Athletic Commission stated that the event using the CACSC rules and tournament format was one of the most action packed MMA events ever held in Utah – more explosive than most of the big Pro MMA events held there. The fighters at that event were amateur and for most of them it was their first MMA fight. More events are now planned in both Utah and California.
Letter from Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu World Champion Gordy Racette concerning this event 

The Extreme MMA 3 event is open to all skilled amateur MMA fighters that want a shot a the BC Title.
Entrees so far are:
Bantamweight Division
Dan Carter – 33, Maple Ridge
Evan Recard – 22, Delta-Ladner
Brandon Pohynayko – 20, Kamloops
Abdul Majid – 23, Burnaby
Ray Johnston – 40, Calgary
Ross Walker – 22, Nanaimo – Western Canadian Extreme MMA Silver medallist.
Lightweight Division
Rob Woodcock – 24, New Westminster
Wesley Tiffer – 36, Vancouver
Seth Laurie – 29, Duncan
Welterweight Division
Bijin Khanjari – 25, Victoria
Danny Doig – 27, Yellowknife
Chris Heaton – 29, Quesnel
Jonathan Dubois – 28 Coquitlam
Andrew Valiquette – 30, Burnaby
Gordon Chadwick – 24, Surrey
Jason Keller – 27, Surrey
Andrew Uyeno – 27, Surrey
Middleweight Division
Mike Blumke – 37, Vancouver
Spencer Holmes – 28, Quesnel
Light Heavyweight Division
Kyle Joe – 19, North Vancouver's
David Flores – 25, 70 Mile House
Kyle Warman – 25, Kelowna
Heavyweight Division
Craig Garriot – 27, Surrey, Canadian Extreme MMA Champion
Herbert Moon – 29, Campbell River, Canadian Extreme MMA Silver 
Fight line up subject to change as more may enter and some could drop out.

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