Letter from Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu World Champion Gordy Racette concerning this event

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Canadian Amateur Combat Sports headed by Don Arnott.    

As a martial artist for over 40 years collecting two world championships and world rated in others, I have known Don Arnott and his family for over 35 years and I feel that his Association is especially deserving to host mixed martial art events.

Demonstrating initiative, Don has incorporated a
30 second rule.   
Being a referee and spectator at hundreds of events, it is not hard to see the success his shows have been because of this.  This particular rule keeps the spectators totally informed helping the participants become fully aware that they have so many seconds left in which to submit his/her opponent.  They could not come back and say they didn't know how much time was left.  "If I did, I would have applied my technique."  Sorry, if they think they could have, they should have, it takes hesitation out of the fight.

Being aware of the count down, the spectators shout encouragement to their fighter of choice to pick up the speed in order to apply the submission technique within the time frame of 30 seconds.  Remember, this is amateur MMA and novice fighters need to know how to apply submission techniques quickly and accurately in order to become submission specialists in possibly professional events.  The shorter rounds and the 30 second rule all make for an exciting promotion.

The particular rules in the Canadian Amateur Combat Sport make for quickness in the fight inspiring and motivating the enthusiastic and dedicated fighter to be better.  It motivates the spectator to a zeal pitch creating a more content audience while again, produces a more productive fighter.

I believe the
Canadian Amateur Combat Sports headed by Don Arnott exhibits many of the qualities essential in a good event which in my opinion, help hone the fighters’ qualities enhancing the MMA event.  I highly recommend Don’s events as a crowd pleaser and skill enhancement vehicle for the novice fighter and one should seriously consider their application to stage an event or to enter the event as a participant to increase their skill level.


Gordy Racette

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