Battlefield Fight League 3 (BFFL 3)

Battlefield Fight League 3 (BFFL 3) October 15, 2010 at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC

Champion will be decided in a fight between  Sean Zubor and Jacen Brooks.

Brooks (3-0) has looked impressive in every bout looking very comfortable both on his feet and on the mat

Sean Zubor is a member of the Carlson Gracie Team Canada in Maple Ridge B.C. and holds a 3-1 record in MMA.

Achilles Estremadura (1-0, Axe Capoeira Vancouver) vs. James Lepage (0-1, Tong Moo Do)

Justin Lansing (1-0, Carlson Gracie Team Canada) vs.  Hunter Orgill  (2-0, Sikjitsu Spokane Washington)

Main Card:
Chris Day (6-2, Team HaVoK Kelowna) vs. Tristan Storrs (5-1, Legacy MMA)

Cam Deleurme (4-1, RDC) vs. Jeremy Kennedy (2-0, West Coast BJJ)

Ash Mashreghi (0-0 Revolution Fight Team) vs. Ken Macleod (0-0, Conquering Lion)

Jeremy Kennedy (2-0, West Coast BJJ) vs. Cam Deleurme (4-1, RDC)

Jeremy Peever (0-1, Independent) vs. Hanz Pangilinan (1-0, Franco Pankration)

Bryce Geougeon (3-0, Carlson Gracie Team Canada) vs. Ryan Christopher (0-0, West Coast BJJ)

Tristan King (2-1, Revolution Fight Team) vs. Jose Rodriguez (3-0, HMG Seattle)

Morgan Bently (0-0, West Coast BJJ) Vs. Anthony Mule (0-0, Mecca MMA)

Dave Furguson (2-0, Revolution Fight Team) vs. Jer Kernelson (0-1, Island MMA)

Claud Beauchamp (0-0 Independant) vs. Ricki Peers (0-0 Phoenix Rising)

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