BC BJJ Championships 4

BC BJJ Championships 4
October 8, 2010 5:00pm
Revolution Martial Arts
20460 Langley Bypass 
Langley, BC

At Revolution, we recognize that an essential element to the development of the sport and to its practitioners are tournaments and the competition they provide.

It is through friendly competition that practitioners are able to come together to test their skills and see where they rank among their peers.

Competitions give individuals the opportunity to set goals and ultimately push themselves beyond what they thought was possible. They allow individuals to learn about themselves through the challenges they present. And most importantly, tournaments allow like-minded individuals to come together to share their love for the sport.
We are truly honored to be part of such a magnificent sport.

To express our gratitude to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its community, we are pleased to host the British Columbia International BJJ Tournament on OCTOBER 9-10, 2010.

We personally extend this invitation to all the neighboring BJJ practitioners and their academies to take part in this highly organized tournament.

Both male and female practitioners of all ages are encouraged to reserve their spot by registering today.

We look forward to seeing you on the mats!


One entry fee gets you competing for both days!
ADULT MALES & MASTERS MALES $59.99 for both days
FREE for both days
ALL KIDS (17 &a under) $29.99 for both days


ALL competitors for the BC BJJ CHAMPIONSHIPS must be registered either online or at the Langley or Chilliwack Revolution Martial Arts facilities prior to 10/05/2010 5:00pm.
If you are registering at the Langley or Chilliwack locations for the BC BJJ CHAMPIONSHIPS you must do so with CASH or DEBIT only.

Best of luck!

Gi and No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Adolescents & Juvenile, all divisions: 10:00am-11:00am

PURPLE BELT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: 11:00am (winner claims The Title of BCBJJ Purple Belt Champion, and air fare to the next Pan Ams) The winner of the purple belt open gets to challenge for the Title at our next Tournament.

Brown & Purple Belt, all divisions: 11:30am-12:30pm

Blue & White Belts, all divisions: 12:30pm-2:00pm


Adolescents & Juvenile, all divisions: 10:00am-11:00am

Intermediate & Advanced all divisions: 11:00am-12:00pm

Novice & Beginners: 12:00am-1:30pm

NO GI ABSOLUTE PRIZE - Starts at the end of all divisions. The 2 finalists of absolute will automatically be in the next tournaments Super Match (for the title of BCBJJ No Gi champion)

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