Saturday April 16th, 2011 @ 7pm in Trail, BC CANADA.

With Special Guests: Ultimate Fighter 12 Champion Jonathan Brookins and Cody McKenzie

The fights will be at the Trail Memorial Arena and will be featuring:
Brad “Kama’ Causey (Pride Gym) -VS- Jonathan “JJ” Mix (Xtreme Couture)
Jordan Knippelberg  -VS- Curtis Blackmore
Del Melnyk -VS- Stefan Fritcha
River Jones -VS- Cheryl Chan
Wesley “SNIPES” Neil -VS- Mark Aparicio
CJ Bagg -VS- Steve Gilkes
Laura Coombs -VS- TBA
10 more fights will be anounced soon!

AM Ford Fight Night 2011 Fight Results
April 17th, 2011 | Tags: mma
Fight results for AM Ford Fight Card Redemption April 16 2011.
By Martial Arts Nomad

1 Muay Thai 170 Sukh Gill Independent MMA Calgary def Curtis Ready, Dam City Castlegar 
Gill catches Ready in a sweep in round 1. Gill ran a relaxed round 2 and was pounding Ready with knees in the last 30 seconds of round 2. Gill Ran a calm and cool fight right through to the end. Judges unanimous decision.

2 MMA 145 Chris Luening PrideGym Trail def Noah Ali, BDB Calgary
Ali held Leuning in mount position in round 1; Luening did manage to mount a stronger offense in round 2, working from a standing position while Ali rested on is back. He finally took a full mount past guard and the ref would call the fight due to unreturned blows.

3 MMA 155 Billy Cameron Pride Gym Trail def Ian Ouland Lethbridge
Round 1 guillotine choke from top position. Ended quickly.

4 MMA 140 Sandy Bagg PrideGym Trail def Scott Hebert Chilliwack Valley MMA
A fast and lethal front guillotine.

5 Muay Thai 135 Chelsea Bronaugh Pride Gym Trail vs def Alison Clarkson Lethbridge 
Round 1 was all a stand and exchange game. Round 2, defined both of these fighters as brawlers, and Bronaugh came at Clarkson with a succession of overhead rights. More brawling in round 3 and the fight would be awarded by judges unanimous decision.

6 MMA 140 Nathan Jorhe Pride Gym Trail def Jeff Blackmore House of Pain Cranbrook BC 
Fast struggle, reversal, front guillotine; started with an anaconda and rolled into a triangle choke.

7 MMA 170 Sheldon Doll House of Pain Lethbridge def Callum Ross BDB Calgary
Two Alberta fighters. Tko round 1, after some hard strikes made their target.

8 MMA 170 Peter Neufel Lethbridge def Ronny Forry PrideGym
Fight ended by tko in round

1. Neufel had hit Forry at the very end of round 1, and could not continue.

9 MMA 155 C.J. Bagg PrideGym Trail vs def Steve Gilkes Valley MMA Chilliwack
Triangle choke at the end of round 1.

10 MMA 130 River Jones PrideGym Trail vs def Cheryl Chan Team Mendosa Surrey BC
Ground and pound at the end of round 1, a disappointment for Cheryl Chan.

11 MMA 155 Jordan Knippleberg Pride Gym Trail def Curtis Blackmore, House of Pain Cranbrook Kicks by Blackmore, shoot attempts, taunting Knippleberg, exciting match going into round 3, limited willingness on the part of both fighters to go to the ground, lots of work standup clinching; Win by unanimous judges decision.

12 MMA 155 Mark Aparico Lethbridge def Wesley Neil PrideGym Trail 
A win by majority decision in a fight that both fighters showed very well in.

13 MMA 185 Stephan Fritsche Valley MMA Chilliwack def Del Melnyk PrideGym Trail 
Front guillotine at the end of round 1, a fast decisive end.

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