Brandon shorter in 10 Quest-ions

1) How did you get into the sport of martial arts?
I basically got into martial arts just looking for something to compete in.

2) What is your favorite strike or submission?
Favorite type of striking would have to be ground and pound.

3) What or who is your biggest inspiration?
A big inspiration to me is friends and the fans. We all want to have our friends and family spend that money on a ticket to see our hand raised. Also all the pro fighters that I train with really give me something to strive towards.

4) Who do you train with? Why? Who pushes you the hardest in the gym?
I train with the revolution fight team because I believe they have the best facility and coaching to work with. I also train with Blake Fredrickson at tactix downtown. Two guys that really push me are Tyler Jackson who designed my strength and conditioning program and also sparrs with me on a regular basis and Blake who is my main corner men.

5) Where do you feel most comfortable in a fight?
I feel comfortable anywhere in a fight.

6) What was your childhood and adolescents like?
My childhood was full of sports, if I wasn't in school you could find me on a field or in a gym.

7) If you could say one thing to your opponent what would it be?
June 17th let's go to war and put on an exciting show for everyone.

8) What makes you different than any other local fighter in mma in your weight class?
My training partners and coaches seperate me from local fighters in my class. I get to train with and be trained by some of the best fighters in canada. Also my strength and conditioning program through Jackson strenth and conditioning gives me the edge the longer a fight goes.

9) If you could watch anyone fight in any era who would it be?
 I would watch GSP fight live in montreal if I ever was able

10) What do you want to be remembered for?
I just want to be remembered as a guy who would take any fight and always put on an exciting show.

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