"Rattle Snake" Jake Lindell in 10 Quest-ions!

    How did you get into the sport of martial arts?
    I saw UFC on tv and fell in love with it. There isn’t really a Pro stage for wrestling so MMA is the next step. 

    What is your favorite strike or submission?
    My Favorite submission is the armbar

    What or who is your biggest inspiration?
    My biggest inspiration would be my friends and family, I have a very supportive family who love to come out and watch me compete and I live with my good buddies Micah Brakefield and Daniel Swain, who help keep me focused on training

    Who do you train with? Why? Who pushes you the hardest in the gym? 
    I Train at West Coast BJJ and MMA, it’s a great gym with a ton of talent and an awesome coaching staff. Everyone there is very helpful so we all work together and push each other to help everyone improve.

    Where do you feel most comfortable in a fight? 
    I'm a wrestler so the ground is where I like to take the fight.
    What was your childhood and adolescents like? 
    I've always been into sports even when I was young, I played just about every sport offered to me, I’m a small town guys so growing up I was big into fishing and hunting. I spent all my time outside as a kid.
    If you could say one thing to your opponent what would it be? Bring you’re A game.
    What makes you different than any other local fighter in MMA in your weight class? 
    I’m fairly new to MMA with on 3 fights so, right now I'm just in the middle of the pack, I think this next fight will be a break out fight for me. Then you’ll know why I'm different.

    If you could watch anyone fight in any era who would it be? 
    The whole Canucks bench vs Bostons bench, with Kesler leading the way. Stanley cup finals Game 5 at home.
    What do you want to be remembered for? 
    Leaving it all in the cage and having the best Mullet in MMA.

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