Dane Newall in 10 Quest-ions!

How did you get into the sport of martial arts?
Watching Pride Fighting Championships 

What is your favorite strike or submission?
I like to punch

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
Everything inspires me

Who do you train with? Why? Who pushes you the hardest in the gym?
I train with many different people....I do this so its easier to adapt to any situation.

Where do you feel most comfortable in a fight?
I feel comfortable every where

What was your childhood and adolescents like?

If you could say one thing to your opponent what would it be?
I wouldn't say nothing

What makes you different than any other local fighter in MMA in your weight class?
 My Style

If you could watch anyone fight in any era who would it be?
Too many fights and fighters but if i had too "Lion Takeshi" Inoue or "Wicky Akiyo" Nishiura

What do you want to be remembered for?
The Excitement I bring.

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