Updated Fight card for Battlefield Fight League 13 (BFL 13)

Battlefield Fight League 13 will take place on Saturday, Feb 11 2012 from the Wesbild Centre in Vernon B.C.   The Mainevent will feature a middleweight title fight between team noguiera’s Matt Baker and Impact MMa’s Andrew Buckland.  The co-mainevent will feature a Featherweight title fight featuring Battlefield Fight League’s top ranked Featherweight Graham Spencer .

Fight Card:

Matt Baker vs. Andrew Buckland (for the Vacant pro BFL Middleweight title)
Graham Spencer vs. Tim Jensen (for the Vacant pro BFL Featherweight title)
Micah Brakefield vs. Ryan Allen (for Brakefield’s amateur BFL Middleweight title)
Matt Dwyer vs. Ash Mashreghi
Gary Mangat vs. Dan Lin
Shawn Albrecht vs. Roy Bradshaw
Corey Tossof vs. Jordon Beecroft
Daniel Swain vs. Russel Davis

Chad Belwood vs. Jose Cornejo
Chad Polson vs. Nathan Hagan
Mike Hill vs. TBA
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