The secret to hand injury prevention for strikers!!

While boxers are in constant danger of trauma, hand injury is commoner than any other injury in the boxing ring. But one wonders how trauma gets to affect even the most experienced of boxers. What happens? Is it lack of control or is it the adrenaline that makes one throw caution to the wind?

Regardless of the cause of injury, the boxer has everything at high stakes. The scariest thing is that one may get a severe damage to the hands rendering them unable to ever use them again. The good thing is that such instances are uncommon.

Now let’s focus on what is obvious since common things occur more commonly. Michael McDonald’s recent post of a fractured hand recites the fact that such injuries are common in any boxer. The regions that are affected by fractures are those which get exposed to the opponent. That is to say that every time you get to fight, count yourself lucky if you come out with intact bones of the hand, nose, jaws, and ribs. 

If metacarpal bone fractures were not so common, they would have been named anything else but boxers fracture. That is exactly what Michael who prevailed in his Bellator MMA re-entry suffered from. After a full year of inactivity, the game may not have been as interesting as before.

Prevention has always proved cure wrong. Why spend time and resources to treat something that is 100 % preventable? Prevention removes you from taking chances with your precious hands. Let’s see what is on the prevention menu!

Wrap your arms properly- getting the wrapping technique wrong could be why you have trouble winning. Worse still, it is the reason behind your injuries. For the least, get enough space between your knuckles and wrist.

Exercise more- Ligaments and muscle fibers get stronger when you exercise regularly. They will have more resilience and increase your chances of success. Be specific in exercising in the sense that you need to target muscles and ligaments during the workouts.

Punch accurately- This must have been your lesson 101 in boxing. However, it is worth repetition here. Learn and discharge the right punches so that your wrist gets properly aligned.

Rest adequately- Working on your techniques and maneuvers without resting is almost useless in adding quality to your life. If you don’t know when to rest pay attention to your body. It will always creak and complain. Follow your instincts and obey that small pain since it may be an indication of something serious. 

Defend well- Last but not least, maximize on defense. Prevent the impact from reaching you in the first place. Boxers who spend time honing their defenses always go home happy and healthy.

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