Warrior One

Warrior One (W-1) is a Canadian based, mixed martial arts (MMA) organization located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Founded in 2008 by successful entrepreneur and MMA specialist Jack Bateman, W-1 features experienced MMA athletes as well as up and coming talent. Jack's goal was to bring world class mixed martial arts events to Canadian soil while promoting the fastest growing sport in the world (MMA).
Warrior One is unique to any other MMA promotion in Canada in that it was founded by a former mixed martial artist. This unique perspective has led to W-1's "fighters first" philosophy. With this in mind, W-1 fighters are the epitome of professional athletes; training and performing at a level unparalleled to other Canadian organizations. This concept is what W-1 believes will distinguish its fighters on a national level and create opportunities globally.
W-1 aims to be a compliment to leagues such as the U.F.C., Strikeforce and Dream; funnelling Canadian talent to the ranks of professional MMA stardom and success.
W-1 has a strong reputation and continues to grow in popularity in both Canada and the United States. Having built a strong base, W-1 is rising to the top, taking its production to the next level in 2010.

Fighter's First

Without our athletes, W-1 is just a name; it is our athletes who give us our identity.
Fans are created not only in their love of an organization but for their love of the athletes who compete for it. These athletes inspire, motivate and excite fans beyond the simple brand of the organization. Every sporting event in the world is driven by passion; most often this passion is for the athletes who bring the organization success.
W-1's Fighters' First philosophy means:
  • Putting the safety of our fighters as our foremost priority
  • Treating our fighters with the respect and care they deserve
  • Paying attention to the needs of our fighters to adequately prepare for and participate in our events
  • Preparing and promoting our fighters to take the next step in their MMA careers

W-1 Champions

As in any professional athletic organization, W-1's premier athletes are awarded championship titles. To date, W-1 has crowned two champions (in their weight class) with the remainder of the championship titles to be awarded in 2010.
Light Heavyweight Champion - Craig "The Farmer" Brown
Bantamweight Champion - Adrian "The Bully" Wooley
Featherweight Championship Title Bout - W-1: Bad Blood, March 20, 2010
Tom "The Bomb" Waters vs. John "Haggis Basher" Fraser
Heavyweight Championship Title Bout - TBD
Welterweight Championship Title Bout - TBD

W-1 Key Players

Jack Bateman

Founder & President
Jack Bateman is a successful entrepreneur and former mixed martial artist. Jack has been the driving force behind the success of W-1, drawing on both his personal and professional experience. The foundation of W-1 was built on Jack's "fighters first" philosophy - if you treat the fighters well you will attract world class athletes and ultimately have the basis for a successful Canadian MMA promotion. This wisdom is what has made W-1 the premier mixed martial arts promotion in Canada and will support future growth and success.
Shaun McErlean

Director of Business Development
Shaun McErlean is a successful business owner and humanitarian who dedicates his time and expertise to companies and charitable organizations around the world. Specializing in financial management and business strategy, Shaun was brought to Warrior One to develop strategies that build upon W-1's success to date and ensure further growth and development of the organization.
Adam Reid

Official W-1 Fight Correspondent
Montreal native, Adam Reid is a sought after actor, television host and sports analyst. Adam's versatile and outgoing personality along with his extensive knowledge of sports, specifically mixed martial arts, have brought him to W-1 as the... Never afraid to ask the tough questions and always prepared to support his point of view, Adam brings a positive energy and educated approach to promoting W-1.

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