BCMMAA is proud to support all local orgaizations in the MMA industry and related. We have a universal goal of the positive promotion of MMA in BC, including the empowerment of athletes and the growth of all BC leagues and local business. We are happy to be part of this exciting movement of MMA in BC and are only here to support all persons and organizations involved.

   To whomever the individual is that has been so enthusiastic about MMA and has such a large spectrum of opinions in regards to different participants in the industry. We would like to say that we value your opinion and would like to invite you to contact us, as it is obvious that you have a passion for MMA and we would like to give you a chance to work with us in spreading a postive word. At times it is right to speak out when you see a wrong, but we feel all participants in BC should be treated equal and supported. If you or anyone would like to join the movement of BCMMAA feel free to contact us.


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