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Victoria's very own Sarah Kaufman a.k.a Strikeforce womens welterweight champ.. is now expected to make a return to the cage in late July!! Strikeforce officials have not yet officially announced any shows beyond it's June 26th event in San Jose, however the show in late July will also be expected to air on showtime!! Scott Coker said that Kaufman's fight at the event.. will "probably" be a non title fight!

Either way, it's nice to see you back Sarah!!

Chael wins fight..

UFC Middleweight Contender Chael Sonnen won 99 % of the Republicans' votes yesterday. Now the only two people he has to worry about beating out are Democratic nominee Scott Bruun for Oregon's House of Rep seat and Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva for the title in August!!

Hm, I wonder how many MMA fans voted for him, 99 % is a lot.. I'm just sayin!



Here is an eight minute clip of Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson going off on eachother during a conference call!

Rashad, where's your belt, where's your belt.. where's your belt.. HAHA!!

The MMA Hour May 17th

Here is one of my boyfriends (yes I have plenty) Ariel Helwani.. doing what he does best. I think this is a great episode and if you missed out, well you're in luck because here it is. This is a special 90 minute edition, featuring guests Kevin Casey, Spencer stupid Pratt and Birthday boy and Strikeforce Heavyweight champ ALISTAIR OVEREEM! Such an awesome episode that you do not want to miss out on!! The Kevin Casey part is boring but you gotta listen to Spencer Pratt going on a 15 minute rampage.. dissing MMA fighters and trying to promote King Casey. King who? King.. I don't know some dude!! Anywhoo forward to the 24:10 mark, holy crap you'll want to beat the daylights out of him!!! After that it goes to Overeem, which I think is an awesome interview done by my boyfriend. So check it out!!

Holy crap, I think I've fallen in love... Alistair and Dolly = Dolistair (L)

By Dolly Purewal



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