Battlefield Fight League 6 March 12, 2010.

BFL6 will take place at the Edgewater Casino in Vancouver, BC on March 12, 2010.
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Fight Card:

Matt Dwyer (Team Havoc) vs. Micah Brakefield (WCBJJ)
Chris Day (Team Havoc) vs. Jeremy Kennedy (WCBJJ)

Ash Mashreghi (Revolution) vs. Andrew Valliquette (Wolfes Den)
David Kennedy (WCBJJ) vs. Nathan Thompson (Legacy MMA)
Ben Cote (Carlson Gracie Team Canada) vs. Chris Burnett (Legacy MMA)
Jesse Bird (WCBJJ) vs. Jordon Howes (Island Warriors)
Rami Kadi (Wolfes Den) vs. Jeremy Peever (Independent)
Tony Hnuyeh (Independant) vs. Trevor Dueck (WCBJJ)
Zach Koch (Universal) vs. Renfred Besarra (Team Denarius)
Alford Leslie (Team Huge) vs. Alex Green (Gravity Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
JT Beaudreut (Fight Pit) vs. TBA

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