MMA Network: get ahead of the game!

      BC's MMA scene is starting to explode! This is great news for all of us that are avid fans, but the question that remains is how will we all keep up with the growth? With new fighters, schools and promoters coming onto the scene every day it is easy to get lost in all the different sites and information sources. Time is valuable for all of us and why not get the information and contacts you are looking for, when you need them?  

     BC Mixed Martial Artists is a free MMA network that has been designed to be the tool that brings all members of BC's MMA community together in one place to share ideas, promote fighters and shows, connect coaches and anything MMA that you want to get out there.  
    So to make this viable and the best networking site for MMA we need you, the people, to help make this happen. Join, create a profile and invite your friends. It's as easy to use as Facebook but will provide you with all the MMA news and connections that you will need to stay 'on-top of the game'. But unlike Facebook, you will be able to customize your profile layout as you please which will allow each member to have their own ‘mini-website.’ You get a URL, such as in which you can include photos, videos and blogs. 

This network is propelled by it's members. 

Coaches and Trainers: Create profiles for your athletes! You will be instantly giving them more exposure which will mean more competition opportunities and more sponsorship. You can create groups, team pages and advertise your facility to other fighters and students. 

Promoters: Create a company profile here, promote your shows, get access to a huge talent pool, and advertise within your profile absolutely free! The more people that you invite, the more free advertising your organization can take advantage of. Quickly find a fighter with the network’s search engine, then you can review their profiles, fight records, video and contact them directly! 

Match Makers: Have instant access to more fighters than ever before! Be connected to the top promoters in the province and use your profile as a platform to display your past work, promote fighters and self-promotion. Quickly find a fighter with the network’s search engine, then you can review their profiles, fight records, video and contact them directly! 

Fighters: Always know when all the biggest and all the new shows are happening, never miss a competition opportunity again. Your profile here can be used to display your talent and to get your name known by agents, help find sponsors and let them find you!. Break into MMA scenes all over the province; use this profile to launch your career!    

Fans: Chat with your favourite fighters directly, submit articles, suggest match-ups to fighters and promoters alike and get all the MMA news and show announcements first!   
   This network will only be as strong as it's members. Join today, invite others to join, submit articles, and promote anything MMA.

Go to BCMMA.CA today and open your profile for free!

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