BattleField Fight League 5: Duel (BFL 5) Quick Results

BattleField Fight League 5 Duel Main Event:
145lbs.: Gary Mangat (6-2, Revolution) vs. Cam Delerume (5-1, RDC)
For Vacant BattleField Fight League Featherweight Championship
Went all 5 rounds for a Judges decision for Gary Mangat - 48-47 unanimous 

Co-Main Event:
170lbs.: Ash Mashreghi (3-0, Revolution) vs. Jacen Brooks (4-0, West Coast BJJ)
For Brooks’ BattleField Fight League Welterweight Championship
2:59 of the first round by tap-out, Jason hold his BattleField Fight League (BFL) Title of Welterweight Champion!

145lbs.: Jeremy Kennedy (3-1, West Coast BJJ) vs. Oren Hanscomb (4-2, Island Warriors)
Judges Decision for Jeremy Kennedy

170lbs.: Bryce Gougeon (2-0-2 , Carlson Gracie Team) vs. Stuart Delerume (3-1, RDC)
2:31 of the second round for Stuart Delerume by rear naked choke (RNC)

265lbs.: Adam Santos (3-0, Narita MMA) vs. Rick Peers (1-0, Team Bad Boy
2:11 of the first round TKO for Adam Santos

175lbs.: Marco Caffiero (1-0, Island MMA) vs. Jason Keller (2-2, Team Bad Boy Outreach)
2:27 of the third round by TKO for Marco Caffiero, check out Keller's ear!

155lbs.: Ryan Christopher (0-0-1, WCBJJ) vs. Jesse Shim (3-0, Columbia MMA)
Ryan Christoper won by Arm bar at the 32 sec mark of the first round.

155lbs.: Hanz Pangillinan (2-0, Franko’s Pankration) vs. Eli Wyse (3-1, Impact MMA)
KO by Eli Wyse in only 6 seconds!

185lbs.: Leo Xavier (1-0, Universal MMA) vs. Chris Everitt (1-0, Independent)
Arm bar at 2:17, second round to Leo Xavier who almost pulled it off in the last sec of the 1st.

190lbs.: Jesse Wierzbowski (2-0, Revolution) vs. Jer Kernelson (1-1, Impact MMA)
Kornelson took the win with a Referee Stoppage due to punches in the 8th sec of the 2nd round 

205lbs.: Ryan Allen (0-0, Gracie Barra Vernon) vs. Ben Anderson (0-0, Independent)
Ryan Allen destroyed Ben Anderson with a ground and pound TKO at the 19th second.

145lbs : Kirk Tse (1-0, Universal MMA) vs. Jordan Manning (1-1,Pheonix Rising)
Tse showed his skill winning it with a Standing Guillotine at 1 min and 44 seconds.

175lbs.: Jesse Bird (0-0 West Coast BJJ) vs. Andre Silva (0-1, Raw Academy)
Finally a fight that went the distance, Judges decision to Jesse Bird.

145lbs : Tony Hnuyeh (0-1, Independent) vs. Hovig Stepanian (0-0, Independent)
Tony Hun took a swift win at the 11th second with a TKO.

170lbs : Clay Ayres (0-2, Wuji Systems) vs. Andrew Valliquette (1-2, Independent)
Rear Naked Choke at the 2:35 minute of the first round for the win to Valliquette.

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