UFC 131 Not as Confirmed As We Hoped....

Well they say news travels fast, I guess the wrong news does the same thing. As of Thursday night there was an interview announcement that UFC 131 will be at the Vancouver Roger's arena in June 2011 and by Friday afternoon the statement was retracted.

Director of Canadian Operations, Tom Wright, says; "he didn't know where the signals got crossed, but nothing is ready to be announced about coming back to the city."

“We remain very positive it will be,” he said of an encore show for the company in Vancouver.

“That date has been tentatively talked about . . . But until such time as we have signed and sealed with the City of Vancouver, nothing is official.”

We here at BCMMAA.COM apologize about the early announcement. We are really excited about seeing UFC come back to town and jumped at the chance to announce it. 

It seems like all the old enemies are here to play again. Insurance, security, etc are the issues being worked through and we will all have to wait and see what UFC and Vancouver can work out amongst themselves. It is looking very positive so far and we are looking forward to another successful UFC show here in Vancouver, when events like this go smoothly and with out incident it is all helping move the province of BC towards a unified set of rules for MMA and MMA regulation.

Cant wait to watch Lesner and Dos Santos! This should be a hard hitting rumble like there never was.

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