Gurdarshan Gary Mangat: Heart of a Lion

MMA Profile: Gurdarshan Gary "St.Lion" Mangat
Gurdarshan Mangat also known as Gary Mangat is a professional mixed martial artist fighter who has been fighting since the beginning of 2008. He started off with no experience of any sort but was just inspired to do something out of the box and inspire any individual that would see a difficult journey. Growing up in the small town of Williams Lake, B.C, Gary grew up as a “nerdy” kid. He was short and chubby, then became very skinny in high school and couldn’t even make the basketball team because he was too short!! Of course, he wasn’t good enough for the soccer team .. because.. well he “lacked skill.” He wanted to prove people wrong… and that’s when he made the change. After moving to Vancouver for school, Gary thought it was time. He wanted to train in MMA, of course no one would believe he was serious, but deep down inside he knew what he really wanted.. and this was something he wanted just that bad! He started dedicating himself to training 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week in 2008! He joined the public Revolution Fight gym and went on to win many tournaments and is now fighting in the states- where he has made a name for himself in the West Coast. He had a vision to be the underdog and to inspire others to strive for the top spots, represent what they truly believe in… regardless of what sport they play. He now trains with the Fortress Professional Revolution Fight Team and continues to gain respect for his “No Quit Attitude!!

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Why St.Lion?? Has a pretty deep meaning to it . Was given to me by someone i call my older brother from the uk ,very respected sikh weapons martial artist that believed in me to make a difference when i first started mma. Summary version: Saint: outside of the ring and cage im a nice guy, Lion: In the ring and cage i feel and become a caged lion that just wants to protect his house.
Favourite celebrity gossip website? Not really into celebrity gossip, but if I was.. it would have to be
Favourite person to follow on twitter? Dana White
Blondes or brunettes? Brunettes all the way cuz ive grown up around to many blondes. But some brunettes are blondes at heart ,so its best of both worlds
When did you get into your first fight? MMA or SCRAP? MMA- about 2 months into training, went into a local tournament in vancouver just went on a tear lol. I'm not big on street fighting , i hate fighting lol sounds contradicting but i believe mma fighting and street fighting are very different. An mma fighter could take a street fighter , street fighter cannot take an mma fighter. People argue this with me all time,typical line from street fighter "oo the streets are much different than the cage , out here u would get destryoed". 3-0 street fight record lol
Favourite food? When preparing for a fight -salmon blt wrap with mashed potatoes , afterfight- anything that makes it hard to breathe after eating ,usually 10 cheeseburgers from mcd's do the trick for me
Coke or pepsi? Pepsi!! I want one now lol
Favourite color? Green
Favourite movie? Gladiator ,Scarface, Pursuit of Happiness
90210 or Gossip Girl? 90210 cuz of annalyne mccord ;)
WWE or WWF? WWF cuz all my oldskool wrestling shirts are wwf , plus i feel like im supporting the world wildlife fund , kill 2 birds with one stone
Submission or knockout? Knockout
Dream fight: ____ vs. _____ ? Anderson Silva vs GSP
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Doing the samething im doing right now but at a higher level. This life right is an addiction and everymorning i wakeup needing another hit of hardwork and rising through the struggle
Favourite pizza topping? Tofu pepperoni lol its alot healthier , taste the same as regular pepporoni
Favourite Song at the moment? Over-Drake , trained to it 3 hours on repeat ,plus listened to it 30 min drive each way to training, then another hour for the evening jog
Favourite line from that song? Can you see me? Can you see me? Get your Visine on. Y’all just do not fit the picture, turn your widescreen on ..If you thinkin’ I’ma quit before I die, dream on
Celebrity Crush? Zoe Saldana , first celebrity crush ive had i think lol
Favourite Mixed Martial Artist? UFC- GSP, WEC-Jose Aldo, Dream- Bibiano Fernandes, Strikeforce- Fedor
Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go? Get a peeler and go in circles :p i keep things simple

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