MMABC Annual General Meeting SAT June 11th @ 11am.

MMABC (Mixed Martial Arts Association of British Columbia) will be holding its first ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING SAT June 11th @ 11am.

The meeting will take place at the VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTER during the MMA EXPO. We will have a separate meeting room for the AGM. I will forward exact location of the meeting room in a day or two.

The association is structured so that EVERY MEMBER HAS A VOTE. At this meeting the next board of directors will be elected, committee chairs chosen and all other association business discussed.
MMABC will release an official agenda in the next week.

PLEASE help by getting the word out to your students and/or fellow mixed martial artists!!! 

For MMA to continue to grow and to help overcome many of the local politicians misconception regarding MMA we NEED a STRONG Association and to make a strong association MMABC NEEDS YOUR INVOLVEMENT!!!!

MMABC - Mixed Martial Arts Association of British Columbia
MMABC is a regestered NON Profit society run by volunteers

MMABC – Mixed Martial Arts Association of British

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) – To be held during the MMA EXPO at the Vancouver Trade and Conference Center (Downtown Vancouver) SAT June 11th @ 11am  exact meeting room is yet to be assigned, a follow up email will be sent out and it will be posted in the Conference Center lobby.


                ALL MMABC members have a VOTING say in the direction of the association. The membership controls WHO SITS on the BOARD of DIRECTORS by general election. The election will take place during the AGM June 11 at 11am. To VOTE you must be a current member. MMABC will be accepting members right up until the actual VOTE.

                GYM owners – get involved in the direction of Mixed Martial Arts and AMATEUR competition in BCMMABC needs people who want to help in the association to ensure a bright future for MMA in the Province. GET INVOLVED!!! GET your SCHOOL involved!!!! MMABC offers school memberships and is working hard towards bringing MMA into the PROVINCIAL SPORTING landscape thru membership in SportBC. To accomplish this WE ALL NEED TO BE UNIFIED!!!!

                Promoters – MMABC is providing regulatory oversight for AMATEUR MMA competitions in BC. Promoters, GET INVOLVED, let the association know how best we can help you succeed.  

MMABC has been representing the SPORT of AMATEUR MMA to municipal government.  MMABC has been active in making presentations to government showing them that MMA can be a safe, positive pursuit both recreationally and competitively. It is important to show those that DO NOT participate and in many cases have a misconception of our sport that MMA is properly organized and regulated.    

MMABC needs volunteers for many duties (officials, committees, treasurer, laywer). If youLOVE this sport and are able to help it grow PLEASE let us know your interest by coming out to the meeting and/or email me back with your interest in volunteering.

Inform your STUDENTS, tell your friends and training partners!
The larger the association becomes the greater OUR VOICE!!!!!

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