Chris Anderson (Island Warriors) in 10 Quest-ions

How did you get into the sport of martial arts?
I got into mma because I wanted to learn how to defend myself.

What is your favorite strike or submission?
My favorite sub is anything that makes a guy pass out.

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration in my family.

Who do you train with? Why? Who pushes you the hardest in the gym?
I train at Island Warriors in Campbell River and the guys that pushes me the hardest is Johnny Wilson.

Where do you feel most comfortable in a fight?
I feel the best on the ground.

What was your childhood and adolescents like?
My child hood was great !

If you could say one thing to your opponent what would it be?
The one thing I would say to my opponent is " let's put on a great show"

What makes diffrent from any other fighter?
The thing that makes me different from alot of ammy fighters is that I'v had the chance to train all over the world with some great fighters. I started this training camp in Vegas with Wanderlia Silva's Wand Fight Team and finished this camp with the best guys around at Island Warriors in Campbell River

If you could watch anyone fight in any era who would it be?
Gsp vs Anderson Silva

What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered as a respectful fighter that puts on a great show !

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