Gabe Morency at the Sin Bin

SportsRage host Gabe Morency was in to town to cover UFC 131 . Gabe also brought along his program SportsRage, hosted at the Sin Bin in Vancouver. So when there is such an awesome sports maniac in town, pulled all the strings to get a few local fighters on his show to get the WORD OUT that the Vancouver fight scene is growing and getting better and better. Case in point is the local talent they brought along to meet Gabe, like Canadian Professional Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Junior ‘The Real Deal’ Moar, as well as Ronald Diaz and Ryan Christopher, MMA fighters on the upcoming Quest For Glory 1 fight night on June 17 at the Croatian Cultural Centre

 Gabe Morency and Junior Moar
Junior ‘The Real Deal’ Moar will be in attendance at Quest For Glory FC 1 on June 17

Gabe Morency and Ronald Diaz

Gabe Morency and Ryan Christopher

Gabe Morency

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