UPDATED Fight Card for Battlefield 12 (BFL12)

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Battlefield Fight League will return to The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver B.C. on November 18th. The maincard portion of the card will be televised live across Canada on The Fight Network and the undercard will be televised live on Battlefield Fight League’s Facebook page.   The Mainevent will feature the current Middleweight Champion Micah Brakefield defending his title against the #1 contender Jer “the jerk” Kornelsen.  In the co-mainevent Leo Xavier will face Saeid Mirzaie for the vacant Battlefield Fight League Welterweight title. This stacked card will also feature  Kirk Tse, Ryan Allen, Chris Day and Emillio Detrocchio.
UPDATED Fight Card for Battlefield Fight League 12 (BFL12):

For the Battlefield Fight League MMA ammy Middleweight title:
Micah Brakefield (3-1) vs. Jer Kornelsen (2-3)

For the Vancant Battlefield Fight League MMA ammy Welterweight title:
Leo Xavier (1-0) vs. Marco Caffiero (2-0)

Chris Hansen

vs. JP Beaudreault(0-0)

Chris Day (7-4) vs. Emilio Ditrocchio (5-0)
-Ryan Allen (2-0) vs. Jesse Rice-Jones (0-0)
-Hitam Treadwell (1-0) vs. Joey Nicholson (0-0)
-Kirk Tse (2-0) vs. Morgan Littlechild (1-3)
-Mauel Sarmiento (0-0) vs. Curtis Harriot (0-0)
-Zach Koch (2-0) vs. Ryan Moase (0-0)
-Berent Hagen (0-0) vs. Rami Kadi (0-4)
-Rory Bamber (0-0) vs. Alfonso Cavero (0-0)
-Prince Mahey (0-0) vs. Amir Razavi (0-0)
-Matthew Gador (0-0) vs. TBA
-Kamryn Winter (3-0) vs. TBA
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