Overcoming the Necessary Evil of Weight Cuts

What is Weight Cut?

Before being allowed into the fighting cage, one may need to shed off extra weight in what is known as weight cut. Chris Anderson did not make it to fight Matt Dwyer at BFL 52. What was the reason? high blood pressure, illness or a harsh weight-cut?

The Pain of Weight Cuts

The body has mechanisms to adjust to changes such as weight. However, too soon a change is never healthy. Most athletes have minimal fat in their bodies to start with. People with more body fat could handle weight cuts better than those with lean bodies. The body uses the reserves in the fat to fuel the body needs during a weight cut, which are less in boxers. The bodybuilding process amasses proteins in the muscles at the expense of fats.

The Direct Effects of Weight Cuts

Now that you need to achieve a certain weight through weight cut, it will be justice to know how your body is affected. Dehydration is the commonest adverse event in the process of cutting weight. Coma, multiple organ failure and death may follow. The worst effects happen when you do it too fast.

Overcoming the Hardships

Be the Early Bird

The first step in gaining the mental ability to handle weight cuts is to begin early. Avoid binge eating as early as a few months prior to the fight. You need strength inside the ring and therefore pick battles accordingly. Simply adjust and adapt to a working training volume that mirrors the real event.   

Kill Other Forms of Stress

It is better to deal with dieting alone than to also take care of medical, psychological, or social stressors. Just avoid the avoidable and stick to what you can handle. Don’t meddle in unnecessary affairs when you are in your weight cut program. Avoid drug and alcohol use as much as possible.

Proteins-The Friendly Meal

Carbohydrates and fats are the foods to watch out for when dieting. They will make your work of attaining the right weight harder. Go for more proteins in the diet. In fact, eat more proteins than the average individual who is not on dieting.

Carb Timing

Ever had a timer to remind you to eat? If not, then you may start considering it. Since you need energy during workouts, you will need to take some carbs. At such times, they won’t do any harm since you eat and burn them immediately.

More Intra-workout Nutrition

This is the golden tip in weight cuts. It entails having to eat more frequently even when training. By doing this, you convince the body that it does not need to go catabolic (store food). It prevents fatigue during and after training and hence gives you quick recovery.
With the tips, you can be sure to always attain the weight cuts without much straining. You’ll be better than your opponent, a strong point of confidence in the ring.

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