Results: Fight at the View 7

Fight at the View 7 was held on Sept 30 2011, Fraser view hall in Vancouver BC.

Here are the results from Fight at the View 7:

Muay Thai, Super Lightweight 135lbs
Claude Sanders, Ostovic’s Gym, Sunshine Coast, BC Def. Adrian Gomez, Clinch 4 Life Burnaby BC

MMA, Featherweight 145lbs
Iouri Saveliev, Suitela Fight Club, Surrey BC Def. Lute Ganeif WKX, Surrey BC

Muay Thai Super Welterweight 150lbs
Terrance Viloria, Mendoza Fight Team, Surrey BC  Def. Justin Viejou Team HAVOK Kelowna BC

Muay Thai Super Middleweight 175lbs
Navi Marzary Universal Martial Arts Vancouver BC Def. Jeremy Ekkert EKKERT Fight Team

Muay Thai, Heavyweight 195lbs
Rakinrah ‘Ricky’ Keohavong Def. Ab Shubear, independent, New Westminster, BC.

Muay Thai Light Heavyweight 170lbs Novic Pavic Suitela Fight Club Surrey BC Def. Jordan Howes Island Warriors, Campbell River BC

MMA Heavyweight
Robin Laybourn Aegis Athletics Richmond BC Def. Lloyd Kenny Williams Lake BC

Muay Thai Light Heavyweight 175lbs
Sasha Tatayoni WACHAL’S Martial Arts Surrey BC Def. Jean Allard Rising Phoenix, Sunshine Coast, BC.

Boxing 160lbs exhibition
Raj Dillan, Harrison Boxing Richmond BC VS. Kanyon Gleeson Williams Lake Muay Thai, Williams Lake BC.

MMA Bantamweight 135 lbs
Tony Vaga Columbia Martial Arts, Burnaby, BC Def.  Mat Riley Shannon, Independent, Vancouver BC

Muay Thai Super Middleweight 165 lbs Hardeep Saran Bisla Martial Arts Surrey BC Def. Toby Cleary, Carlson Gracie MMA Maple Ridge BC

Muay Thai Welterweight 147 lbs
Josh Jauncey WKX, Surrey BC Def. Ruel Copeland, SIAM No. 1 Toronto, Ontario

Muay Thai, Light Heaveyweight 170lbs
Stas Tatarinov WACHAL’S Martial Arts, Surrey BC Def. Alan Day, Independent, Vancouver BC

Muay Thai Super Middleweight BC Title
James Hansen Team Bad Boy Outreach Surrey BC Def. Chad Gerow Revolution Langley BC

MMA Light Heavyweight 205lbs
Jesse Rice-Jones G-Force Vancouver BC Def. Alfonso Cavero Team KARMA Vancouver, BC

Muay Thai Heavyweight Canadian Title
Kiarash Moghaddam, Versus Training Centre, Vancouver BC. Def. Nick Bautista SIAM No. 1 Toronto

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