NEW Fight Video Julia Budd VS Ronda Rousey

Former Olympic judo medallist (Rowdy) Ronda Rousey VS  Julia (The Jewel) Budd (140-145lbs. BC Muay Thai Champion & Canadian Muay Thai Champion)
Check out the interview below were Rousey called out the Strikeforce women’s champion at 135 pounds, Miesha Tate:

“Yes, that’s still what I want to do,” said Rousey, She competed Saturday at 145 pounds but wants to drop to 135. “Strikeforce,  let me get a crack at her (Tate) first.”
A former Olympic bronze medalist in judo, Rousey just might be the most powerful female fighter under 150 pounds in the world. Budd, a Muay Thai specialist, landed two quick punches but could not prevent Rousey from muscling in for the clinch and swiftly securing the takedown. From there, Rousey mounted and exploded into a gnarly armbar that awkwardly contorted Budd’s arm and that was difficult to watch.
In victory, Rousey improved to 4-0 and none of her bouts has lasted longer than 49 seconds. Budd fell to 2-2.
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