Results: All Martial Arts 6 (AMA 6)

All Martial Arts 6 (AMA 6) was held on Friday, November 30, 2012 at the Fraserview Hall in Vancouver, BC. Videos coming soon!

1 Muay Thai Jr Featherweight: Victor Tiapis (Poesner’s Muay Thai Vancouver) Defeated Mike Knapp, (Dirtnap MMA Port Alberni) 1:03 Round 1

2 Muay Thai Super Lightweight: Terrance Viloria, (Mendoza Fight Team Surrey) Defeated Dwight Wong (Iron City Muay Thai) Viloria wins by unanimous referee decision.

3 MMA Flyweight: Adam Pronyk, (Team Bad Boy Outreach Surrey) Defeated Pan Ouen (Urban MMA Surrey) Pronyk gets the win by referee stoppage due to ground and pound in round 2 at 48 seconds.

4 Muay Thai Super Welterweight: Lute Ganeif (WKX Surrey) Defeated Colin Butts (Dirtnap MMA Port Alberni BC) Ganeif wins by Butts going down and not being able to get up for the referee’s 10 count at 1 minute 28 seconds of round 1, if only by a hair.

5 Muay Thai Jr. Featherweight: Tyler Nicholson, (Urban MMA) Surrey Defeated Francis Tiapis, (Poesner’s Muay Thai Vancouver)

6 Muay Thai Super Lightweight: Siavosh Fard (SKA Burnaby) Defeated Kurtis Waterson, (Carlson Gracie MMA Maple Ridge BC) By unanimous decision

7 MMA Featherweight: Blake Dutra (Team Bad Boy Outreach Surrey) BC Defeated Matt (Shannon Fight Team 604 Burnaby)

8b Muay Thai Super Welterweight: Dan Jervie, (Universal MMA Vancouver) Defeated John Fuller, (Urban MMA Surrey)

9 Muay Thai Super Welterweight Shelley Strachan (Knockout Muay Thai Courtenay BC) Defeated Becca Macdonald (Iron City Muay Thai Vancouver)

10 Muay Thai Super Welterweight: Pat Alec (North Shore Fight Team North Vancouver BC) Defeated Adeiel Arias (Richmond Martial Arts Richmond) Adeiel Arias was unable to continue after 1:44 of round 1.

11 MMA Lightweight: Wael Gharieb, (Team Bad Boy Outreach Surrey) Defeated Jared Moen, (Independent, Langley BC) Referee stoppage at 16 seconds of round one.

12 Muay Thai Cruiser-weight: ‘Ricky’ Rakinrah Keohavong (WKX Surrey) Defeated Marc Castro, Nak Muay Duncan Island BC) Judges unanimous decision.

13 MMA Light Heavyweight: Jeremiah Humphries, (Universal MMA Vancouver) Defeated Herbert Moon, (Independent, Campbell River BC) Referee stoppage due to rear mount blows to the head that were unreturned. 1:35, round 1.

14 MMA Welterweight: Dustin Greentree, (Kamikaze Punishment, Edmonton Alberta) Defeated Cody Slater, (Crisis MMA, Olympia Washington) Referee stoppage at 1:25 of round 3. In round 1, neither fighter went to the ground, preferring a clinch range battle with lots of punching.

15 MMA Heavyweight: Rob Nowicki, (Diamond MMA Kamloops) Defeated Kyle Fortier (Wachal’s Martial Arts Surrey) 

16 MMA AMA Bantamweight Title Match: Oliver Evansher, (Universal MMA, Vancouver) Defeated Bradley Nicholson, (Urban MMA Surrey)

17 Muay Thai Junior Welterweight: Tom Mattu, (WKX Surrey) Defeated Oli McKiernan, (Iron City Muay Thai Vancouver)

18 MMA AMA Middleweight Title: 265 lbs, Kyle ‘Warmaker’ Warman, (Gracie Barra Kelowna BC)  Defeated Colin ‘king kong’ Campbell (Ekkert fight team), 185lbs Open weight, 17 seconds of round 1 win against Campbell despite an 80 lbs weight advantage. Brett Lucero of Crisis MMA Olympia, Washington, was originally scheduled for the match-up but could not make the fight for an unknown reason.
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