Get Kajan Johnson on the UFC 174 card

2010 interview

"I am starting a movement. UFC 174 will be coming to Vancouver on June 14 and I fully expect to see the likes of Rory MacDonald and a few other Canadians on the card. But one warrior who should also be involved is “Ragin” Kajan Johnson (19-10-1). He has been a big part of the latest Ultimate Fighter reality show TUF Nations: Canada vs. Australia seen on Wednesdays via Sportsnet360.

The Burns Lake, B.C. native was my pick to win the show, but unfortunately was knocked out by teammate and friend Chad Laprise (7-0) in the semifinals. Don’t get me started on how Team Canada coach Patrick Cote dropped the ball in his handling of two good friends and Tristar training partners fighting each other, but I digress.

Laprise came over the top with a vicious right that landed flush on Johnson’s jaw. The sound still resonates with a pop. Johnson fell to the mat and the fight was stopped. There was no real cheering from the fighters who witnessed one of the most brutal and heartbreaking knockouts in TUF history.

Johnson’s jaw was broken and as blood poured out of his mouth and tears flowed from his eyes the only thing that he could spit out was, “I just didn’t want to go through this again. I didn’t want my face to break again. I didn’t want to lose the biggest fight of my life … It’s just another test. I just don’t know why I’m tested so much.”

Months later, it appears Johnson is healed up and ready to fight.

“If there is one thing I’m great at it’s overcoming adversity,” Johnson told “Not only do I now have a titanium jaw I also have Wolverine’s mutant healing powers. I’m about to mount the biggest comeback you’ve ever seen. It’s my time.”

The 29-year-old MMA veteran wants his moment to be in his hometown of Vancouver in front of his family, friends and fans.

“I need to be on the 174 card. Van city needs a hero, someone to put the city on his back and climb to the top of the game,” Johnson said. “I want to be that person. I want to show every kid that came up in B.C. that we can do anything we put our minds to.”

It would be an absolute marketing miss if the UFC does not grant Johnson his shot in front of his hometown."

By Trevor Dueck, 24 hours Vancouver Follow Trevor @TrevDueck.

Matrix Fight Club in Altered Gravity (Fighters Wanted)

Received an email about this yesterday:

Matrix Fight Club in Altered Gravity

A Matrix Fighting Event. Watch and enjoy the first fights recorded in altered gravity. As chaos erupts in the sky above.

Welcome to our Matrix Fighting Event in altered gravity.

We will alter gravity through the use of a large aircraft flying parabolic arcs. And then fights will erupt. As we record them with the goal of increasing their entertainment value.

Check out this youtube video (jump to 3:12 (Martian) or 4:40 (Lunar)) to see how gravity will impact the fighters. Please note that 90% of the fight time will occur in Martian and Lunar gravity. And not zero gravity (5:43), so that the fighters can actually move and fight.

This is a crowdsourced fighting event where the backers pick who's fighting, who wins the fights that go to decision, help select our ring girl, and also pick the fighting style of one out of the three fights. Any fighter that meets the requirements in the fighters wanted section (below) can enter the selection pool. But go to to tell us what you want to see.

Plan of action?

If we fight through hyper gravity, then we propose the following:

15 minutes of altered gravity fighting per fight. Total 15 min x 3 fights = 45 minutes of altered gravity fighting entertainment. Note, we can max out the parabolic flight for a longer time period then this. This is just a rough example.

Fighters Wanted

If you want to fight in ALTERED GRAVITY.

Then email me at And I’ll add you to the selection pool. (But first read the requirements below.)

Just so you know, you’ll be the first to ever fight in ALTERED GRAVITY. Your ticket cost roughly $5,000 (retail value). But we’ll take care of that. You just have to show up and fight.


Must make Welterweight (170lbs) for weigh-ins the day before the fight.
Must have fighting video that I can link to or embed. Because people need to pick the fighters they want to see fight.
Must be physically and medically cleared to fight.
Must pay for travel to and from the flight location (T.B.D. US city).
Must pay for all accommodations (food, hotel, etc.) before and after the fights.
Provide (send to

Prospective contestants please provide (Name, Age, Height, Weight, Reach, Fighting style and Hometown). Also include video links.
Filming the altered gravity fights

The whole point of this project is to film mixed martial arts fights in altered gravity. With three simultaneous fights, and the majority of the aircraft space occupied by the fighting rings. Creating an adequate solution to filming the event presents a small challenge.

The current plan is to have 3 to 4 cameras on each fight. So that hopefully one camera will be able to provide a perfect shot of the fight that it's recording at all times. Each fight will have a camera mounted on each end to catch the long views. To compliment the end cameras, each ring will have side mounted cameras to help catch all the action. Ideally a high and low camera on both sides of the aircraft to provide different view points and help capture each fight completely. Lastly each ref will wear a helmet cam, as they should consistently be in position to have some of the best views of the fight.

After the fights and during the editing process, we'll produce a finalized edited cut that captures the best possible views of each fight. Once we finalize the aircraft and see what we are working with. Then other solutions maybe implemented if they can improve the final product.

Who's on board?
36 People (rough guess at this time, I think we'll need more fighters):

6 fighters actually fighting (voted in, enter at
6 corner/cut men (Pledge will open up later to be a steady corner/cut man, must have fight experience, first come first serve)
3 refs (Pledge will open up later to be a ref, must have fight experience, first come first serve)
3 docs (Pledge will open up later to be a doc, must have fight experience, first come first serve)
6 replacement fighters (voted in, enter at
1 organizer/fight replacement fighter if absolutely need be (me)
1 Ring Girls (voted in, enter by submitting picture to our facebook page.)
Remaining spots might be offered in the final week of the campaign. Follow us @matrixfightclub on twitter and check out for the latest updates.)

New episode of The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia Wednesday at 10p ET on FOX Sports 1

Watch an all-new episode of The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia Wednesday at 10p ET on FOX Sports 1.

Matt Dwyer vs Shonie Carter

BFL 27 presents this welterweight championship fight. Matt Dwyer defends the title against the returning UFC veteran, Mr. International Shonie Carter.

Battlefield Fight League 27 Results

The River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC played host to MMA with Battlefield Fight League 27 on January 18, 2014.

The main event featured BFL champion Matt Dwyer putting his Welterweight MMA belt on the line against UFC veteran Shonie Carter.

Pro Fights:
Welterweight – Matt Dwyer def. Shonie Carter by referee stoppage (could not answer bell due to injury to groin from accidental strike in second round) between round 2 and 3. BFL Pro Title
Welterweight – Ash Mashreghi def. Mark Dobie by TKO (punches) at 3:33of round 1
200lbs Catchweight – Darwin Douglas def. Bill Fraser by unanimous decision

Heavyweight – Adam Santos def. Jamie Smyth by referee stoppage at 2:59 of round 2 to keep the Amateur Heavyweight Title
175lbs Catchweight – Bryce Gougeon def. James Foster by unanimous decision
220lbs Catchweight – Josh Morgan def. Robin Laybourn by split decision
Welterweight – Justin Aujla-Field def Jared Mccunn by submission (arm bar) at 1:26 of round 1
150 lbs Catchweight – Shinji Morito def. Steven Best by majority decision
Middleweight – Kiarash Moghadam def. Shaun Dhillon by submission (triangle choke) at 2:59 of round 2
Bantamweight – Marco Viedas Def. David Chen by TKO (kicks and punches) at 0:43 of round 3
Featherweight – Daniel Richard def. Colin Butts by submission (triangle choke) at 2:13 of round 1
160lbs Catchweight – Omar Stefanini def. Damon Begg by referee stoppage between round 1 and 2


Gionco International presents FIGHT @ THE VIEW XIV. MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, all in one event! For tickets call 604-435-7777

Rico "Beastmode" Brinson VS Shinji Morito

Quest for Glory FC presents Club Fights! In lightweight action, Rico "Beastmode" Brinson takes on Shinji Morito.